Q-UP stands for the HITEJINRO Quality UP SYSTEM. It represents HITEJINRO’s outstanding pride that
stems from our dedication to supplying top quality liquor.
Experience the solid promise behind Q-UP, of HITEJINRO’s commitment to creating and preserving the
best flavors throughout the entire product process, from ingredient selection to delivery to stores.
Ingredient Quality UP
Soju (Chamisul)
We have created clean soju that’s in a league of its own by using fermented and distilled alcohol from rice, barley, sweet potato,
tapioca, and sugar cane and by adding only plant-derived additives, including crystalline?fructose from Finland and thaumatin.

Chamisul only contains clean plant-derived additives, including plant-derived sweetener crystalline fructose from Finland, often
dubbed “healthy sugar” and used as a substitute for sugar in Europe, and thaumatin, a protein sweetener extracted from black seeds of the katemfe fruit from Western Africa.

Most ingredients for the beer made by HITEJINRO are supplied from countries with advanced beer making techniques
and countries with clean natural environments.

Main countries of origin
Upgrading production quality
A. Soju making process
B. Beer making process
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Q-UP Process

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