Learn about the legendary beginning of HITEJINRO Co., Ltd.!

The beginning of our history 1924~1972

The story of HITEJINRO, Korea’s No. 1 liquor company, begins with the establishment of Choseon Beer Brewing Co., Ltd.

With the establishment of Jincheon Liquor company in Yonggang, Pyeongnam in 1924,
JINRO started its production of soju; the establishment of Choseon Beer Brewing Co. Ltd.,
the first domestic brewer, registered the history of HITEJINRO, Korea’s top liquor company.

The 100% Korean company topped the soju market outselling Samhak Soju, consolidating
its image of JINRO as the national soju, reminding us all that honesty is the best taste.

The HITEJINRO Co., Ltd’s everlasting history of having the best taste works in tandem with
our valued customers in maintaining our reputation.

1924 ~ 1972 Growth period
1924 OCT
  • ? Jincheon Brewing company is founded (Oct. 3rd) and launches JINRO(眞露)
    soju (Yonggang, Pyeongnam)
1933 AUG
? Chosun Beer Company, the first beer company is Korea is established
1962 MAR
  • ? Chosun Beer is exported for the first time in Korea
1969 NOV
  • ? JINRO Soju is exported to Vietnam for the first time
1969 DEC
  • ? Chosun Beer inaugurates president Park Gyeong-bok
1970 DEC
  • ? JINRO tops the soju market outselling Samhak

Changes and growth 1973~1989

HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. started going through intensive changes to keep up with rapidly changing local and international environments.

Keeping abreast of rapidly changing enviroenments of domestic and overseas’ markets,
HITEJINRO launches a full-scale change to go one-step ahead. With the initial public offering
of JINRO and Chosun Beer in 1973 followed by the advancement to Japan in 1977
and the establishment of the liquor institute, the first in the industry, HITEJINRO has
gained a foothold to survive competition for more fruitful development with customers’ support.

1973~1989 Initial growth period
1973 JUN
  • ? JINRO has initial public offering
  • ? Chosun Beer has initial public offering
1974 DEC
  • ? JINRO establishes the first research institute for the liquor industry
1977 NOV
  • ? JINRO soju advances to the Japan market
1978 JAN
  • ? Chosun Beer launches the Masan factory
1984 APR
  • ? JINRO launches Ichon Liquor Complex
1989 SEP
  • ? Chosun Beer constructs the Junju factory
  • ? JINRO donates hospital to Umsung, Flower Village, Chungbuk

A step forward towards the world

The most humane and friendly company that values customer satisfaction most

HITE, Korea’s top brand, with an innovative marketing strategy of new “brand marketing”,
changed the landscape of the domestic beer market, a near monopoly for a groundbreaking
brand strategy in the domestic marketing industry, even made the company change
its name in 1998. HITE has been solidifying its clout as a top brewer in Korea with a 60%
market share, having sold more than 10 billion bottles in a mere 9 years with a single brand.

The honor of $70 million Export Trophy along with HITS’S 70-year anniversary in 2003
and JINRO’S 80-year anniversary in 2004 can be attributed to the consumercentered
corporate philosophy based on global competitiveness: Always make products from the
consumers’ viewpoint and return the outcome to them.

1990~2004 Growth period
1991 SEP
  • ? Domestic Premium black beer ‘Stout’ is launched
1993 MAY
  • ? Korea’s first non-thermally processed beer, ‘HITE’ is released
  • ? JINRO launches 25-degree soju ‘JINRO Gold’
  • ? High scot is established
1996 JUN
  • ? JINRO launches premium soju ‘Oak Barrel Clear Soju’
  • ? ‘HITE’ repositions itself as No. 1 brewer
1997 AUG
  • ? Chosun Beer Co., constructs the Gangwon factory
1998 MAR
  • ? Chosun Beer Co. is renamed to HITE BeerCo.
  • ? JINRO launches Bamboo charcoal filtration soju ‘Cham眞isul露
2000 JUN
  • ? HITE Brewery, inaugurates Chairman Park Mun deok
2002 MAR
  • ? HITE Brewery launches the first domestic 100% Barley beer ‘Prime’
  • ? HITE Brewery tops 10 billion bottles
  • ? High scot launches
  • ? JINRO launches plum brandy ‘Maehwasu’
2003 JUN
  • ? HITE Brewery celebrates its 70th anniversary
2004 OCT
  • ? JINRO celebrates its 80th anniversary

Rewriting the history of liquor

The most humane and friendly company that values customer satisfaction most

HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. Has been a significant part of the living history of Korean
liquor since 1924. With responsibility as a top total liquor brand, we do our
utmost to socially responsible and support culture and sports.

After the merger of HITE Brewery and JINRO in 2005, the Korea’s liquor giant
has lead the industry as the biggest liquor company and adapted to changing
consumer tastes.

Your steadfast support has led HITEJINRO CORP. to become the top liquor brand in Korea.
Never content with being domestic No. 1, HITEJINRO Co., Ltd.
is working to be the most human-friendly company dedicated to customer satisfaction.

2005 ~ 2008 Global growth period
2005 FEB
  • ? JINRO tops the Japanese soju market for 7 consecutive years
  • ? HITE-JINRO Group is launched
2006 APR
  • ? JINRO launches 100% pure rice, high-quality distilled soju Excellent?JINRO.
  • ? Chamisul tops 10 billion bottles
  • ? JINRO launches ‘Chamisul Fresh’
  • ? HITE Brewery launches 100% barley beer ‘Max’
  • ? High scot launches High Quality whiskey ‘Kingdom 21’
2007 APR
  • ? JINRO Japan inaugurates President Yang in-Jip
  • ? HITE Brewery launches Korea’s first dietary fiber beer S
  • ? HITE-JINRO Group declares Business Ethics
  • ? HITE Brewery launches luxury style draught beer ‘Max Draft’
  • ? High scot launches 12-year & 17-year whiskey ‘Kingdom’
  • ? HITE Brewery re-launches Premium black beer ‘Stout’
  • ? China’s local corporation Beijing JINRO Haeteuk Liquor Co.,
    is established and inaugurates President Lee Cheong-su
2008 MAY
  • ? HITE Brewery is declared as the Korea Football Association’s official sponsor
  • ? JINRO Japan celebrates its 20th anniversary
  • ? Holding company system is launched
    (Holding company : HITE holdings, business company : HITE Brewery)
  • ? JINRO launches marine deep layer water soju JINRO J
  • ? JINRO launches Dongeuilbogam Bokbunja
2009 ~ 2012 Global growth period
2009 FEB
  • ? HITE Brewery joins One trillion-seller club
  • ? JINRO J of 18.5 degree is released
  • ? HITE-JINRO Group Paduk team is launched
  • ? HITE Brewery, the Jeonju factory is expanded
  • ? 2009: HITE launches Max Special Hop 2009 Limited Edition (New Zealand Hop)
  • ? 2009: Hite Cup Women’s Professional Golf Championship, first tournament after beingpromoted to a major
2010 MAR
  • ? JINRO Makgeolli releases Jinro Tharudasi 10-year-aged soju in Japan
  • ? Excellent JINRO is awarded 2010 Monde Selection Grand Prize
  • ? HITE Brewery releases Dry type Brewery ‘DryFinishD’
  • ? Hite Collection opens.
  • ? One billion dollar export is achieved, first in the industry
  • ? ‘Favorite’, the Comfortable Soju is released
2011 JAN
  • ? ‘Greenhouse gas inventory verification statement’ certified
  • ? Hiscot launches “Kingdom 30 Years”
  • ? SMART ERP Full operations launched
  • ? HITE launches Max Special Hop 2011 Limited Edition (New Zealand Hop)
  • ? HITE launches the first limited edition draft beer Max Special Hop 2011
  • ? ‘HITE Corp.’ is launched
2012 JAN
  • ? Chamisul gets Renewal (Chamisul Original altered to Classic; Chamisul Fresh to Chamisul)
  • ? Mason and Fury’s wins Bottled Water $5-million Export Trophy.
  • ? Japan-bound ‘Premium JINRO Oats Hingball’, JINRO Oats Kashitaru 5-year”, and “Bikky” arereleased.
  • ? The HITEJINRO- subcontractors cooperation and coexistence declaration ceremony is held.
  • ? Chamisul Apple is launched.
  • ? JINRO JAPAN is renamed as JINRO.
  • ? “MAX Special Hop 2012”, a British royal family’s flavor is launched.
  • ? Extends contracts with KFA as an official supporter.
  • ? The sales of Chamisul reached the 20 billion bottle mark.
2013 ~ 2015 Global growth period
2013 JAN
  • ? Integrated Customer Satisfaction System Open
  • ? JINRO Bokbunja gets renewal to “Het” Bokbunja
  • ? Contribution to society BI established and published
  • ? Premium JINRO export product exclusive to China launched
  • ? HITE and Chamisul sold at the L.A. Dodgers stadium
  • ? Chamisul awarded gold prize at 2013 Monde Selection
  • ? SODAL sells two million bottles within one year after the launch
  • ? MAX, Ilpoom Jinro gets renewal product
  • ? d 5.0L Jumbo Can launched
  • ? HITEJINRO receives industry’s first ISO 22000 certification
  • ? Publication of <Finding Somak’s golden ratio> <Druken book> written by employees
  • ? SCM Declaration of Innovation
  • ? Singer “Psy” launches Soju marketing campaign in USA
  • ? Jinro Mix (Citron, Red Pepper) is launched.
  • ? “2013 MAX Special Hof” launched at German Oktoberfest
  • ? Chamisul consisting of 100% natural minerals launched
  • ? HITEJINRO certified as the low-carbon alcoholic product in Korea
  • ? The first Korean ale, “Queen’s Ale” is launched.
  • ? 15 anniversary of Chamisul, sells 23 billion bottles Chamisul
  • ? The World’s No.1 sales volume for hard liquor for 13 consecutive years
  • ? HITEJINRO awarded with Family Environmental Corporate
  • ? HITEJINRO appointed as outstanding enterprise for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the Agricultural products sector
  • ? 1,000 members and executives, 230,000 hours of volunteer hours for the year 2013
2014 JAN
  • ? HITEJINRO established World Beer Alliance (WBA) to strengthen the quality of beer
  • ? HITEJINRO opened Management Accounting System
  • ? Chamisul (18.5%) is renewed.
  • ? Hite (4.3%) is renewed.
  • ? HITEJINRO launches whisky brand ‘The Class’ targeting the consumers in their 30s
  • ? HITEJINRO entered Latin American market with ‘Barcelo’, Latin America exclusive beer
  • ? HITEJINRO sets the date of foundation to 1924.
  • ? HITEJINRO launches Jinro Style in 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region
  • ? HITEJINRO donated 6 hundred million won to Sewol Ferry
  • ? HITEJINRO, concluded business agreement on ‘Save the Earth with Chamisul, Very Clean Air – 350 Campaign’
  • ? Opened pop-up store Isulpocha and Girin ichibang Garden
  • ? HITEJINRO began to advance into Eastern Europe in earnest
  • ? HITEJINRO, first exported JINRO 24 to Sri Lanka
  • ? HITEJINRO, launched ‘Jinro 1924’ to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding
  • ? Chamisul, renewal by reducing alchol proof from 18.5 % 17.8 % (model IU)
  • ? 6 products including Chamisul, Chamisul Classic and Maehwasu, obtained carbon grade certificate
  • ? JINRO Soju and JINRO Makgeolli selected as global top quality products
  • ? “1924,” released to celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary, was sold out within a month
2015 APR
  • ? Renewal of MAX by reinforcing deep and strong taste and cream?foam with 10 years of internal skills
  • ? HITEJINRO holds the 4-Year Anniversary Ceremony of Mutual Growth and Cooperation.
  • ? Excellent JINRO, changed to new label
  • ? HITEJINRO launches Grapefruit Soju
  • ? HITEJINRO Beverage launches Jeju Yonghae
  • ? Domestic sales of Jinro Dry Splash Grapefruit and Sparkling Jinro start
  • ? HITEJINRO exports Hite Strong to the United Arab Emirates
  • ? HITEJINRO released Chamisul 16.9 in Busan for the first time
  • ? Ilpoom Jinro and Chamisul started being sold at duty-free stores at Dubai Airports
  • ? HITEJINRO launched Max Oktoberfest Special Hop
  • ? HITEJINRO launched three types of Hite Christmas special editions
  • ? HITEJINRO launched Hite New-Year Edition
  • ? HITEJINRO obtained HACCP accreditation for its every single factory
2016 ~ 2018
2016? FEB
  • ? More than 230 million bottles of Chamisul 16.9 sold during four months after its launch
  • ? HITEJINRO renewed every Jinro brand product for the first time in 8 years
  • ? HITEJINRO launched Isultoktok
  • ? HITEJINRO launched the third generation All New Hite
  • ? HITEJINRO holds the 5-Year Anniversary Ceremony of Mutual Growth and Cooperation.
  • ? HITEJINRO introduced Kronenbourg 1664 BLANC
  • ? HITEJINRO launched a special Hite can featuring actor Joongki Song
  • ? HITEJINRO launched hite MANGO LINGO,Jinro Green Grape
  • ? HITEJINRO opened 2016 Kirin Ichiban Garden
  • ? HITEJINRO opened the 100th anniversary project office
  • ? HITEJINRO launched newly imported beer Tooheys Extra Dry (Australia, 4.4%)
  • ? HITEJINRO launched Spanish wine Sol De Penas Red and White
  • ? Held the 2nd Gamaek Festival in Jeonju
  • ? Hite sold 33 billion bottles over 22 years.
  • ? HITEJINRO held the 2030 Youth Venture Business Idea Contest.
  • ? HITEJINRO opened “HITEJINRO Soju Club” popup store in Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • ? Max sold 4 billion bottles over 10 years.
  • ? Ilpoom Jinro sold 2 million bottles over 10 years.
  • ? Held the 17th HITEJINRO Championship
  • ? The 1st HITEJINRO Youth Venture Business League Award Ceremony
  • ? Launches Hite and Chamisul Christmas Edition.
  • ? HITEJINRO donated KRW 100M (revenue from Christmas Edition) to the Community Chest of Korea.
  • ? HITEJINRO launches Czech Saaz Hop 100% “Max Czech Special Hop”.
  • ? HITEJINRO launches carbonated liquor “Yisul Tok Tok Pineapple”.
  • ? HITEJINRO Holdings presented scholarship certificates to 105 children of F&B and business owners in the industry.
2017 JAN
  • • Jin-young Ko, a professional golfer, 3-year main sponsorship contract

  • • Ilpoom Jinro, a cumulative sales exceeded 2.5 million bottles.
  • • Jinro Premium Otsu(乙), Chamisul, entered duty free shops in Singapore Changi Airport
  • • Welcoming event for the New Year with serving festival foods for 3,200 people
  • • ‘Jinro Toktok’, sold 34 million bottles in 10 months
  • • Launched an edition of square academic cap of Chamisul
  • • HITEJINRO has selected Scholarship students whose parents work in restaurant business for 5 years since 2013.
  • • Launched an cherry-blossom edition of Chamisul
  • • HITEJINRO, served free meals at the disabled welfare center
  • • Launched 12 kinds of wines including “Castello Fonterutoli”, an Italian representative wine
  • • Jinro Toktok x Jungsaemmool’, supporting activities for women’s dream for the 1st anniversary of the launch of Jinro Toktok
  • • Hite, ‘Extra Cold’ campaign (model: Daniel Henney)
  • • Chamisul, the first soju brand exceeding 1 trillion won of annual sales
  • • HITEJINRO, launched ‘FiLite’, the first sparkling wine in Korea
  • • HITEJINRO, the 6th anniversary event of ‘Mutual Growth’ & ‘Win-win Partnership’
  • • HITEJINRO, exported the third beer of ‘Gold Master’ to Lawson, a convenience store franchise chain in Japan
  • • Ha-neul Kim, a professional golfer, won JLPGA Cyber Agent Ladies Golf Tournament
  • • HITEJINRO, awarded a total of 10 million in Korean won scholarship to 10 Vietnamese university students
  • • FiLite, sold out 60,000 boxes in 20 days of launch
  • • Chamisul, launched a regionally limited edition of Jeju Island
  • • HITE, renewal of ‘Extra Cold’ 4.5% of ABV
  • • Launched 4 kinds of New Zealand wine ‘Mud House
  • • HITEJINRO, provided 20,000 bottled water to underprivileged town in Yeongdeungpo District in summer
  • • HITE, produced summer ad of ‘Extra Cold’ (model: Wanna One)
  • • HITEJINRO, participated in 2017 Centum Beer Festival in Busan as a special sponsor
  • • Chamisul, launched the patriotic edition
  • • HITEJINRO, provided vehicles to 9 social welfare facilities
  • • HITEJINRO, the agreement ceremony of an official sponsorship for the 20th Boryeong Mud Festival
  • • Chamisul, launched a regionally limited edition of Jeonju
  • • HITEJINRO, held ‘Extra Cold Summer Festival’ in Haeundae, Busan
  • • Stout, package renewal
  • • HITEJINRO, held the 3rd Jeonju Gamaek Festival
    (completely sold 70,000 bottles of beer produced on the day. Double of last year’s sale)
  • • HITEJINRO, launched Argentine wine ‘Navarro Correas’
  • • Launched 2 kinds of Japanese craft beer ‘Grand KIRIN’ first in Korea
  • • Renewed its product name from Chamisul Classic to Chamisul Original
  • • HITEJINRO, launched Italian legendary wine ‘Dal forno Romano’
  • • Chamisul, the world’s best-selling distilled spirits for the 16 consecutive years
  • • HITEJINRO, provided Chuseok food with warm spirit
  • • HITEJINRO, opened its first overseas soju pub of ‘HITEJINRO PoCha #1’ in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • • HITEJINRO, exclusively launched the champagne of ‘Taittinger Luminous’ in Korea
  • • Held the 18th HITEJINRO Championship and donated vehicles for the disabled
  • • HITEJINRO, supported the emergency aid of daily necessities for the damaged area by the earthquake in Pohang
  • • HITEJINRO, held the 2nd Youth Entrepreneur League (HITEJINRO Contest)
  • • HITEJINRO, signed MOU with Hebronstar Ventures for discovery and promotion of start-ups
  • • FiLite, exceeded the sale of 100 million cans
  • • HITEJINRO, launched ‘XXXX Gold’, the best-selling beer in Australia
  • • HITEJINRO, held a Christmas sharing event of 2017 ‘Somang Tree’
  • • HITEJINRO, launched a quasi-premium soju of ‘Chamnamutong Clean Dew’
  • • HITEJINRO Beverage, launched a beverage of ‘Black Barley’
  • • JINRO America, integrated and operated new office building and logistics center
2018 JAN
  • • HITEJINRO, launched a fruit soju of ‘Jinro Plum’ for export
  • • HITEJINRO, entered duty free shops in ‘Chek Lap Kok’ Hong Kong International Airport
  • • HITEJINRO, launched an alcohol cider of ‘SOMERSBY Apple’
  • • HITEJINRO Launches Chile’s Premium No. 1 Wine “TARAPACA”
  • • HITEJINRO Launches the “Bava Rosetta” Valentine Wine Package
  • • HITEJINRO Launches an Export Exclusive Brand “HITE EXTRA STRONG”
  • • HITEJINRO Sponsors Youth Skiing Competition Hosted by the Local Children’s Center
  • • HITEJINRO Grants Scholarships to Children with Restaurant-owning Parents
  • • HITEJINRO to Produce “Chamisul” at Its Masan Beer Plant
  • • HITEJINRO Launches Kirin Ichiban “Cherry Blossom Special Edition 2018
  • • HITEJINRO Hosts a Unique Hiring Exhibition
  • • HITEJINRO Opens “HITEJINRO Pub” at the Global Battlefield, Hong Kong
  • • HITEJINRO Launches 1L PET FiLite
  • • HITEJINRO to Export Chamnamootong Margeunisul to Hong Kong
  • • HITEJINRO Launches “Jinro Lite” in the Philippines Low-alcohol Content Distilled Liquor Market
  • • HITEJINRO to Launch an All New Chamisul on April 16
  • • HITEJINRO Supports Cambodia’s Biggest EDM Event as a Main Sponsor
  • • HITEJINRO Announces Park Seo-Joon as Its New Male Chamisul Model, Adding to the Current Female Model
  • • HITEJINRO Launches a New Product as a Follow-up to FiLite
  • • HITEJINRO changed labels of fruit liqueur products
  • • HITEJINRO sponsored Centum Beer Festival in Busan
  • • HITEJINRO promoted “Project for Fostering Young CEOs in Gwangju”
  • • HITEJINRO launched “Ilpoom JINRO 1924” as a full-scale promotion of premium distilled soju market
  • • HITEJINRO presented a season limited edition called “Summer Edition 72” and gained popularity at HITEJINRO’s pop-up store of Chamisul
  • • HITEJINRO released Chamisul produced at Masan factory for the first time
  • • HITEJINRO, launched No.1 Prosecco wine 'Mioneto'
  • • HITEJINRO, celebrated its 94th anniversary with 3 days of happiness sharing with neighbors
  • • HITEJINRO, sold 30 million cans in 10 weeks of launching 'FiLite Fresh'
  • • HITEJINRO, started to sell Ilpoom Jinro 1924 through home channels
  • • HITEJINRO, Launched 'JINRO PLUM' in the US
  • • HITEJINRO, expanded water support for the underprivileged town, because of the long heat wave.
  • • HITEJINRO signed a business agreement to improve thewelfare of firefighters
  • • HITEJINRO, delivered Soju to Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
  • • HITEJINRO, delivers 10 million won in compensation to the bereaved of firefighter who died on the job in Gimpo
  • • A 100-year-old company HITEJINRO, published photo book
  • • HITEJINRO, launched Korea's lowest ABV whiskey 'The Class 1933' and 'The Class 33'
  • • HITEJINRO, opened exclusive space for brand '1664 Blanc' a representative wheat beer in France
  • • HITEJINRO, sold over 1.5 million bottles of exports exclusive 'JINRO PLUM'
  • • HITEJINRO, Taittinger was selected as Michelin Guide Seoul 2019 Official Champagne
  • • HITEJINRO, shared food for holiday with ten thousand people with warm spirit
  • • HITEJINRO, Senior Citizen's Day, presented a walking stick for the elders
  • • HITEJINRO, launched 2018 Kirin Ichiban "Autumn Leaves Special Edition" for domestic limited edition
  • • HITEJINRO, premium wine 'Tarapaka' was selected as an official sponsor of the LPGA KEB Hana Bank Championship
  • • HITEJINRO America, promotion tour of major cities in USA for 13% ABV fruit soju 'JINRO PLUM'
  • • HITEJINRO, 'Chamisul' 20 years ... Great record of accumulated sales of $ 30 billion
  • • HITEJINRO, Launched ‘Ilpoom Jinro 18 years’ 100% wooden barrel aged in 2018
  • • HITEJINRO, 3rd Youth Entrepreneur League
  • • HITEJINRO, Beautiful store sharing flea market celebrating 7 years
  • • HITEJINRO, National Security Campaign using Chamisul label
  • • HITEJINRO, Practice warm neighborhood love through a kimchi sharing event
  • • HITEJINRO, ‘Kronenbourg 1664 Lager’ Sales
  • • HITEJINRO, lead the national safety campaign for underprivileged areas and classes in winter
  • • HITEJINRO, ‘Chamisul Dunny’ launch in Korea with world-class artists
  • • HITEJINRO, Irene from Red Velvet as the Chamisul model
  • • HITEJINRO, Special Christmas for local children’s center
  • • HITEJINRO, 'Iseul TokTok’ launched at a convenience store in Thailand
  • • HITEJINRO, 4,200 bottles of ‘Black Bori’ sold one year after launch
2019 ~ Present Global growth period
2019? JAN
  • ? HITEJINRO, Full-scale sale strategy for Russia
  • ? HITEJINRO, Opened the first franchise 'Jinro BBQ' store in Vietnam
  • ? HITEJINRO, Soju exports exceeded $50 million
  • ? HITEJINRO, Sponsored social welfare institution for New Year’s Day
  • ? HITEJINRO Holdings, Offer scholarship for selected students from the household of restaurant business
  • ? HITEJINRO, export of Soju exceeds 50 million dollars
  • ? HITEJINRO weight lifting team, shows good performance in international competition
  • ? HITEJINRO, release spring limited edition package for Extra Cold
  • ? HITEJINRO, consolidates an arrangement with Shinan gunto sponsor festivals
  • ? HITEJINRO, FiLite sold more than 500 million cans in a year and 10 months since its first launch
  • ? HITEJINRO, ‘Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc’ sold more than 100 minion bottles
  • ? HITEJINRO, opens the age of pure lager! Releases their new beer Terra!
  • ? HITEJINRO, releases limited edition of 2019 Kirin Ichiban ‘Cherry Blossom Package’ only in Korea.
  • ? HITEJINRO, releases ‘2019 hite Dodgers special can’ in LA
  • ? HITEJINRO’s Chamisul maintains its status as a ‘validated low carbon footprint product,’ the only product validated within alcoholic beverage industry
  • ? HITEJINRO, takes leading steps to improve environment by creating beautiful forest
  • ? HITEJINRO, proceeds with 2019 advertisement campaign for Oak barrel aged premium soju.
  • ? HITEJINRO, announces the consolidation of harmonious cooperation between management and labor unions to promote success of Terra.
  • ? HITEJINRO, release newtro (new+retro) product ‘ Jinro’
  • ? HITEJINRO, announces the opening of leisure facilities including resting place for fire fighters
  • ? HITEJINRO, becomes the only company in alcoholic beverage industry to acquire ‘Environmen-tal product declaration’
  • ? HITEJINRO, release 66 hite special edition in American market
  • ? HITEJINRO, release ‘Strawberry isul’ limited for exportation
  • ? Pure Lager-Terra, sold more than 1 million boxes within the shortest time
  • ? Hosted 2019 Global Partner Conference
  • ? Ilpoom JInro 1924 18 year, awarded with the grand prize at Monde Selection for Awarded scholarship for university students in Vietnam and held a meeting with local media
  • ? Hosted ‘Beautiful companion, Healing Camp’ for the family members of fire fighters died in duty
  • ? FiLite-BUTTER collaboration product released
  • ? HITEJINRO, sponsors 2019 Centum Beer Festival
  • ? Opened ‘Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc’ branding zone in Masan Stadium home of Changwon NC Park
  • ? HITEJINRO, supports those in neglected sector of society to help them spend their summer healthy
  • ? Release Rose Wine ‘Hampton Water’ of the rock star Bon Jovi
  • ? Extends advertisement campaign tour for Chamisul across the state of New York
  • ? HITEJINRO, finishes the 4th Youth Business Opening League successfully
  • ? HITEJINRO, expands the reach of Korean alcoholic beverage across European market
  • ? Terra sold more than 100 million bottles within 100 days since its release
  • ? Hosted campaign to raise public awareness to prevent fires and to yield for fire trucks
  • ? Release 2 fruit based Makgoli exclusively for exportation to Japan
  • ? Jinro sold more than 10 million bottles
  • ? Released ‘Ilpoom Jinro 19 year old’ composed of pure drink aged for 19 years in oak barrels
  • ? Released the 3rd new product ‘FiLite Weissen’ after 2 years
  • ? Release ‘Terra Mazzei’ a revolutionary wine from Italy
  • ? Proceeds with new campaign for apple cider ‘Somersby’
  • ? HITEJINRO, participates as a special sponsor in Jeonju Gamaek Festival for 5 years straight
  • ? HITEJINRO, provides scholarship for students from household of fire fighters